Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
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DCFS 2007
Conference Events

Friday, July 20
  • end of afternoon session: Business Meeting
  • evening: OOPS!! Open Open-Problem Session ...
    (Reasonably short) contributions to this session are free, without any submission process. Prepared transparencies or electronic presentations are welcome.
Saturday, July 21
  • afternoon: Tour by funicular to Hrebienok and then on foot to Malá Studená Dolina (Small Cold Valley). You will be able to choose between three different levels of difficulty.
Sunday, July 22
  • evening: Good-bye Party.

One of the entrances to High Tatras, being a wonderful starting point for many trips, is the location named Hrebienok (1285m).
Hrebienok is also known for its mountain hotel, whose history dates back to the 18th century and is connected with the process of inhabiting the oldest settlement in High Tatras, Starý Smokovec (Old Smokovec). Hrebienok was a popular aim of many of the very first trips in High Tatras. When the visitors started taking ever longer and more difficult hikes to Veľká and Malá Studená Dolina (Grand and Small Cold Valley) and surrounding pinnacles, Rainer's Chalet was built on Starolesnianska Poľana in 1865 and Ruženina Chalet was built close to Hrebienok ten years later. In 1908 a mountain railway to Hrebienok was built. The railway is still in use. In 1928 a hotel, which was later transformed into a sanatorium house, was built on Hrebienok. The building was reconstructed 1988 and today it is known as Hotel Hrebienok.

Hrebienok - railway   Hrebienok

To come to Hrebienok we will use the mountain railway. Once on the spot you can either just use the services of the Hotel Hrebienok, rest and enjoy the scenery or you can take a trip: you will be able to choose between three different levels of difficulty.
  1. (Easy) In approximately 5 minutes, the easiest trip will take us to Bilikova Chata (Bilikova Chalet) and then, in another 15 minutes we shall come to the wonderful Vodopády Studeného Potoka (Cold Creek Waterfalls). After another 15 minutes we shall get to the oldest chalet in High Tatras, Reinerova Chata (Rainer's Chalet).
  2. (Medium) After that, in approximately one hour, we shall get to Zamkovského Chata (Zamkovského Chalet - 1475 m). This very nice chalet was built in 1943 by Štefan Zamkovský (1908 - 1961), a famous mountain-guide and climber, and his wife Ľudmila.
  3. (Hard) If you are not tired yet, and you want to get really deep into High Tatras, you can continue, and in another two hours you will get to the famous Téryho Chata (Téryho Chalet - 2015m).
Zamkovského Chalet   Téryho Chalet

In any case, take some good shoes and never walk alone !!!

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