Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
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DCFS 2007
Timetable of DCFS 2007

Thursday, July 19, Arrival Day
14:00-22:00 Registration
18:00-21:30 Dinner
Friday, July 20
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-09:10 Opening of DCFS 2007
09:15-10:15 Wireless Parallel Computing and its Links to Descriptive Complexity
by Jiří Wiedermann (invited lecture, with Dana Pardubská)
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:15 A Regularity Condition for Context-Free Grammars
by B. Palano
11:20-11:50 Descriptional Complexities of Grammars over Alphabets with Finite Parameters
by T. Y. Nishida
11:55-12:25 Nonterminal Complexity of Some Operations on Context-Free Languages
by J. Dassow and R. Stiebe
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:30-15:00 Remarks on Context-Free Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems Generating Crossed Agreements
by B. Truthe
15:05-15:35 Representations and Characterizations of Languages in Chomsky Hierarchy by Means of Insertion-Deletion Systems
by G. Păun, M. J. Perez-Jimenez, and T. Yokomori
15:35-16:05 Coffee Break
16:05-16:35 Reduction of Scattered Context Generators of Sentences Preceded by Their Leftmost Parses
by A. Meduna and J. Techet
16:40-17:10 Business Meeting
18:30-20:00 Dinner
20:00+  OOPS!! Open Open-Problem Session ...
(Reasonably short) contributions to this session are free, without any submission process. Prepared transparencies or electronic presentations are welcome.
Saturday, July 21
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:15-10:15 Complexity, Information, Energy
by Helmut Jürgensen (invited lecture)
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:45 Compact Descriptions for Efficient Algorithms
by Markus Nebel (invited lecture)
11:50-12:20 Descriptional Complexity of Splicing Systems
by R. Loos, A. Malcher, and D. Wotschke
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00+  Trip Afternoon - Hrebienok
18:30-20:00 Dinner
Sunday, July 22
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:15-10:15 The Descriptional Power of Sublogarithmic Resource Bounded Turing Machines
by Carlo Mereghetti (invited lecture)
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:15 Optimal Simulations of Weak Restarting Automata
by M. Kutrib and J. Reimann
11:20-11:50 Exact Generation of Minimal Acyclic Deterministic Finite Automata
by M. Almeida, N. Moreira, and R. Reis
11:55-12:25 A new measure of descriptional complexity of languages and formal power series: compactness
by K. V. Archangelsky
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:30-15:00 CD Grammar Systems with Regular Start Conditions
by R. Freund and M. Oswald
15:05-15:35 Descriptional Complexity of Generalized Forbidding Grammars
by T. Masopust and A. Meduna
15:35-16:05 Coffee Break
18:30+  Good-bye Party
Monday, July 23, Departure Day
07:00-09:00 Breakfast
If you need a breakfast earlier than at 7:00 on July 23, you can order it packed to be taken from the reception in the morning.
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