Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
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DCFS 2007
Conference Location

In order to help people socialize and exchange new ideas, DCFS 2007 will be organised as a single-building-conference. That is, accommodation for all participants, full-board meals, together with a lecture room will be in Atrium Hotel, Nový Smokovec, High Tatras, Slovakia.

Smokovec is an administrative centre (actually, a tiny town) of Tatra National Park, the most compact mountains in Europe, i.e., of alpine type, but occupying a very small area. Among others, the High Tatras offer exceptionally clean air. In summer season, you can enjoy hiking paths, ranging from gentle to highly demanding, winding among spectacular peaks and rock walls. (See e.g.,, or

Nový Smokovec

The New Smokovec was the first settlement in the High Tatras that was open also in winter (since 1883). The first cinema was open in 1913. The current sanatorium for tuberculosis and other respiration illnesses was open in 1925 and a modern sanatorium-house Palace was open in 1933. New hotels were added close before the World Ski Championship in 1970.

Hotel Atrium

ATRIUM Hotel *** (formerly: Park Hotel)

The Atrium Hotel ( is located at the foothill of Slavkovský štít. Comfortable and furnished rooms offer a breathtaking view to the beautiful mountains and surroundings.

Hotel restaurant   Hotel Atrium

Nový Smokovec 42
062 01 Vysoké Tatry
Slovak Republic


The weather is usually very pleasant and sunny here in July, with day heights ranging between 25 °C - 30 °C
(77 °F - 86°F) and night lows around 20 °C (68 °F). But be prepared for sudden changes with possible rain, wind, and temperatures around 17 °C (62 °F).

Interactive Map

To see the exact geographical location where the conference will take place, click on the following interactive map. The positon of the conference building is marked by the blinking arrow. To zoom in/out for a more/less deailed map, click with the left/right mouse button directly within the map area, near the blinking arrow (but not directly on top of this arrow) or, alternatively, use the mouse to frame the map area to be expanded.

Moving around in High Tatras

Should you like, in your free time, to begin a tour from a different point than Starý Smokovec, use Tatra's Electrical Railways which serve as a local transportation in the area of High Tatras. The nearest railway stop is Nový Smokovec and it is only some 50m away from the hotel entrance.

Plan of Tatra's Electrical Railways

The timetables can be found here:
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